POSYTYF present during SolarPACES22 congress

du 27 septembre 2022 au 30 septembre 2022

POSYTYF project and partner CIEMAT participated in  SolarPACES22 poster session to present the following abstract:

"This article presents a simplified simulation model of a concentrated solar thermal power plant developed in the framework of the European research project POSYTYF (POwering SYstem flexibiliTY in the Future through RES). Increasing the share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in modern power grids is of critical importance for the transformation of the energy markets worldwide. However, the stability of the grid and the limited participation in ancillary services of RES limit their use, especially when high penetration is expected from them. A solution to overcome these issues is to increase the share of so called dispatchable RES (hydropower, biomass, concentrating solar thermal power). The main objective of the POSYTYF project is to group several renewable and non-renewable energy sources into a Dynamic Virtual Power Plant (DVPP). The simplified simulation model of a parabolic-trough solar thermal power plant developed consists of sub-models for the solar field, thermal energy storage system and power block and it has been validated with real DNI profiles and production data of a commercial STE plant in Spain. The differences between the simulation and real data of daily net production for the days analysed are lower than 1%."

Find the POSYTYF poster, here.
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