Objectives and assessment criteria for controller design: Deliverable D2.2 is completed

Deliverable D2.2 is now completed by HTW Berlin: it deals with the objectives and assessment criteria for controller design.
The deliverable discusses the dynamical properties of the renewable energy power plants as local generating units within a dynamical virtual power plant. The generation technologies considered include wind, photovoltaic, hydro and solar thermal power production. All models consist of a primary converter driven by the renewable energy source and a secondary converter that provides the connection to the electrical grid.
The derived models are simulated in different test cases that are designed to evaluate the properties in the reference tracking and disturbance rejection dynamics of the individual power plant.
Additional to the possibility to be integrated in different simulation environments, the models contain a linearization feature that allows to derive a linearized state-space model of the  ower plant at an operating point of interest. This functionality can be used to evaluate the dynamics in both, the time and frequency domain.
Publié le 11 mars 2022 Mis à jour le 11 mars 2022