Learn about WP4 activites on DVPP control

le 4 avril 2022

WP4 addresses the problem of designing decentralized controllers for dynamic virtual power plants (DVPPs). The key idea is to design local feedback controllers for a collection of devices such that in aggregate they provide fast ancillary services including primary frequency and voltage control. First, a general overview of the DVPP control design as a coordinated model matching is presented, where the goal is to match the actual aggregate behavior as closely as possible to some desired dynamic behavior (by means of fully decentralized control) while at the same satisfying the local device limitations. To do so, the initial focus is refined to a DVPP with all devices at one common bus bar in the transmission grid. Moreover, the initial control setup considers a grid-following signal causality, where power injection is controlled as a function of a bus voltage measurement. A decentralized control design method is proposed to solve the control design problem at hand. It decomposes the problem into two steps:

  • (i) disaggregating the desired dynamic behavior among the individual devices, and
  • (ii) local model matching for each individual device. The theory behind this design approach is presented, and its excellent performance is demonstrated on modified IEEE 9 bus system illustrative examples
Check out the pdf presentation about WP4 activities.
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